H. Duncan LaBland
Solomani Consul


Assuming the post of Solomani Consul to Regina, Horace Duncan LaBland is the epitome of the Solomani everyman. He is of average height and weight, with perfect teeth and the rubber-stamped good looks of government issue bio-sculpting.

LaBland is a professional politician, diplomat and opportunist. After graduating fom university with solid average marks he joined the party and served an obligatory 4 year term in the Solomani army as a political officer.

After leaving the service, he takes the civil service exam and is selected for the foreign service. He has a rather unremarkable, average carreer until he requests assignment in the Marches. The Solomani consider this area the sticks, but promotions come faster there. He is assigned to the embassy on Rhylanor as cultural attaché. Careful political political manuevering and a willingness to do anything to climb the professional ladder land him the post of consul to Regina.

Of his personality, the best that could be said is that he probably has one - somewhere. He is methodical, fastidious and politically correct. He despises filth, aliens, strangeness, stupidity, genius and anything else not 'normal'. He is a typical average Solomani citizen.

H. Duncan LaBland was killed in an explosion that damaged the Tea House restaurant, on 91 - 1122.


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