Pamela Blaelok

Believed Deceased

The estranged wife of Solomani Ambassador Christopher Blaelok, Pamela has been described as the most beautiful women on Regina or 'the ice queen'. Her alluring looks are the result of good genetics and the kind of bio-sculpting that only the Rim can provide. She has a mellifluous voice and her Solomani accent only heightens her exotic allure. She has outstanding and expensive taste in clothing.

Beneath the surface of this desireable women lie more bio-sculpted modification of a more sinister nature. Her skeleton has been replaced by an alloy analogue, muscles have been augmented, and 15cm retractable claws with poisoned tips fitted.

She is also rumored to have has 'modifications' to her sexual organs and in rumored to have 'special needs' with regard to her male partners.

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