Gino "Big G" Scalese
Union president and crime boss

Gino Scalese was born the eldest son of a merchant family on Efate/Regina. He had12 brothers and six sisters. To avoid changing diapers he began working at any job he could find around the docks, at age 10. Tall for his age and willing to do anything, he soon became a favorite pet of the dock workers. With a drive born of poverty and social skills born of fighting for attention in a pack, Gino was a quick study in the jobs, the unions and the power that surged through the port.

Gino, "Big G", rose through the ranks of dock hands to become a powerful figure in the unions sector wide. His administration has been marred by little violence, since his methods of quick and brutal suppression of dissent have brooked little challenge. However, he has never forgotten his roots and has delivered on more promises to his union members than any prior union boss, honest or corrupt.

Scalese resides on Regina. If you have a problem on the docks, he's the man to talk to. He spends most days at this office in the Regina Union Hall. On Sundays, at 8 a.m., he is to be found on the front porch of St. Basil's smoking, while his wife and five sons attend mass there. He is also a member of the Jasmine Club, and is frequently there playing chess. He still regularly receives small boxes at the Union Hall, addressed to him personally, that smell of cookies; these boxes are now postmarked from La Belle.


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