The Weseli Family
AKA the "Weasels"

The Weseli family is well known to the underword and streetwise individuals on Regina as a family of petty crooks. They participate primarily in harmless small time operations such as confidence games, petty theft, trafficking in low value stolen goods, pick pocketing and the like. They are usually a good source of information (i.e. the word on the street) given the right motivation (e.g. cash, threat of imprisonment, etc.). The family nickname, 'the weasel' is an apt description of Weseli moral character. The characters listed here respresent only a handful of the vast weseli family, located primarily on Regina/REGINA, but some member of the family are located on nearby worlds performing their essential function--possible wainting for things to 'cool off' back home.

Laurence "Lenny" Weseli, Sr. AKA the Weasel

Patriarch of the vast Weseli clan, 'Weasel Senior' or 'Pop the weasel' is now living in semi-retirement and operates the 'Weseli Bros. Pawn Emporeum [sic]' on Regina orbital in the Old Port section. Although Pop has a lengthy criminal record, he has done no 'hard' time and prides himself on the fact that he has never used violence. Pop does not consider himself as a criminal, but merely someone who 'redistributes wealth to the deserving poor (i.e. himself)'. He is also 'a guy who hears things', and always seems to have information on any criminal activity--for a price.

Pop Weseli is of short stature and slight build. He seems to have a permanent '5 o'clock shadow' despite the actual time of day, and his personal hygene can be described as 'casual'. He will normally be encountered wearing a stained tank top, sometimes with a grimy fatigue shirt. "Hey, I'm a veteran".

The information provided by any Weseli will normally be vague, and often this same information will be available in common sources if one looks hard enough.

Erma Weseli

The matriarch of the Weseli Clan, Erma LaFleur Weseli

Laurence "Lenny" Weseli, Jr. AKA Lenny the Weasel
Shelly Weseli AKA Shelly the Weasel
Vinny Weseli AKA Vinny the Weasel
Peter Paul Weseli AKA PP Weseli

Staff reporter for the Regina Tattler

Samuel Weseli AKA Sammy the Weasel

Apparently adopted by the Regina Weseli clan (or Shelly is not telling her husband everything).

Officer James Weseli


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