Kiffin Brevette


Kiffin is 22 years old, a real blonde, and works in the exclusive Jasmine Club on Regina Up Port, as a steward (hostess, bartender, cook, etc.). She has lived and worked there as part of an apprenticeship program for over a year.

Some months before coming to work at the Jasmine Club, Kiffin was in a vehicle accident on Regina Prime, and sustained massive head injuries. She was not expected to recover, but regained consciousness after her father's business associate (art dealer) Mercer Black, arranged for her to be seen by specialists; Kiffin is very fond of Mr. Black, and knows him only as a very nice man who does business with her father, and was very good to them. Kiffin's injuries resulted in loss of almost all memories of her family (father, older sister, two older brothers) and life, and although she has retained skills, she doesn't remember learning them, and frequently doesn't know she has a skill until she actually does something.

Kiffin enjoys her work, likes people, and is considered to be very open and friendly, if rather naive. Somewhat hampered by her lack of (remembered) life experiences, and with a tendency to react instinctively, Kiffin nonetheless is very intelligent and learns quickly.

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