Business as Usual - Regina style.

<These are recreated notes, in progress, due to a computer glitch.>


A new partner appears at the Palladium group - a Mr. White. He's sort of the MBA equivalent to Blaelok's spook, and is going to redirect the Palladium group back on it's original course, which is to do real detective and research work. Sounds too good to be true.

Nathan Andrews is evidently on planet and alive again, and for some unknown reason is asking obvious and very public questions about Mikie in all his normal haunts, but has made no attempt to actually contact Mikie at home or at the office.

Sal and Shelly get involved after a reporter asks about Andrews in D.S., and is sent after him. Irving places a mini-camera in the reporters bag, just as a test, and ends up with footage of a murder in one of the more dangerous parts of town.