"Midway along the journey of our life, I woke to find myself in some dark woods, for I had wandered off from the straight path. How hard it is to tell what it was like, this wood of wilderness, savage and stubborn (the thought if it brings back my old fears), a bitter place! Death could scarce be bitterer. But if I would show the good that came of it I must talk about things other than the good." The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto I, Dante Alighieri

93 - 1122.

Corina goes to the Ling-Standard Headquarters Office on Regina Up Port and demands a meeting with Uncle Xavier Ling. He is of course incensed at the tasteless joke of some impostor, until the DNA test and Corina's childhood memories reassure him that it's really her. She pauses a heartbeat between the moment he seems to accept her and when she launches into-

Corina: "But wait, I know more. I know why you put me here and how you ruined my naval career. I know that you had George Nonte, my orderly and trusted family retainer, substitute psychotics for the stims in my medicine cabinet. I know that you had the lab report falsified to cover the substitution. You packed the court martial to have me discharged for conduct unbecoming a naval officer."

Xavier: "You were far too successful and content in the Navy. Grand Ma-ma thought that you had more potential than that."

Corina: "God forbid that I could be happy at anything..."

Xavier: "the projections were that you would marry and have children and you would devote all your energies to their success. You wouldn't use that special gift, the fire that you have. You were meant for greater things; we couldn't let that talent be wasted."

Corina: "Doesn't the 'family good" imply that there will be a next generation? Even if the medical records aren't very specific - I still remember the doctor describing the internal scarring, sitting on my bunk and explaining that I could never have children..."

Xavier: "We did it for the good of the family, and for your own good."

Corina: "Spare me your vision. Now that I've been booted back into play, so to speak, I want two things from the family before I will agree to remain on Regina. First, I want your total support and weight behind my petition to be named Duchess of Regina."

Xavier: " Yes, of course you have that."

Corina: "Second, I want the family out of my personal life. No more tinkering with my happiness. That part of my life is "out of play". And that includes total acceptance of my husband and Victoria."

Xavier: "An employee?"

Corina: "I want EVERYONE in the family to treat him like their long lost son. If I hear of any snubs, any snickering behind hands - I'm off to my own life - No company, No family, No duchy. Do you understand?

Xavier: Well, that's something that will have to be discussed with Grand Ma-ma."

Corina: "After cutting my teeth on mega corp politics, don't' ever think I don't understand how you think.... (pause for dramatic effect). Actually, I have a meeting with Mercer Black in two hours, to give him my answer. Grand Ma-Ma would not have sent you out here without the power and authority to bind the family in such a simple decision."

Xavier: "True, and he is bred for this so to speak. He is a third generation employee, who's served the company and you faithfully. I suppose you could have done worse."

Corina: "Yes. Just think of the propaganda potential with the employees. If you're faithful, you too could become Prince Charming, and marry into The Family..."

Xavier: Actually, Grand Ma-ma is very pleased with your progress Corina. So she's coming to visit Regina...."