"People don't ever seem to realize that doing what's right's no guarantee against misfortune."-- William McFee, Casuals of the Sea


Into jump, successfully. People are somewhat beat up, but still breathing. Donald is hiding. Everyone definitely needs to take it easy and relax.

Dragon wakes up completely, for the first time since she was shot. She's in a bed with clean linen, in a warm, well-lit, and ship-like sort of place. She can hear the sounds of people outside of her cabin. Dragon staggers out all bleary-eyed, and with a splitting headache.

She finds a group of rather beat up looking people who do not include Tim. Dragon: "What happened?" Duane: "We won." Dragon: "Good! So we got Amanda back. What about Roberto & Carmen?" Duane: "We won." Dragon: "That doesn't tell me anything." Amanda: "Ah good, Dragon. You're up. Do you want some coffee?" Dragon: "No, I think that would just make my head hurt more." Amanda: "Something to eat? Some eggs. Scrambled? Fried? I can make you breakfast?" Dragon: "Okay. Scrambled." Amanda goes into the galley. A few minutes later, there's swearing....Thwack! Amanda sticks her head out. Amanda: "Sorry. I burned the eggs." Duane: <mental note> "Stay away from this woman when she's in the kitchen." Amanda pries the corner of the frying pan out of the oven. She's successful with the next batch of eggs, fortunately for the appliances. Duane takes his coffee to the cargo bay.

Max walks into the common area. Dragon: "Where's Tim?" Max: "I need to speak with you." Dragon: "Okay." Max takes her into another room, where she's already figured out something bad happened. Dragon: "Who was it that killed him?" Right to the point. Max: "I don't know. " Dragon: "Was it in the attack on the compound?" Max: "No. It was after that." Dragon: "What happened afterwards?" Max: "We all made it out of the jungle. Tim went out, and some time later I got a visit from the local police. There's apparently been a serial killer on Menorb. It looks like Tim was the latest victim. I'm very sorry." Dragon: "When was it you last saw him?" Max: "Less than a day ago. On port." Dragon: "What about his body? Do we have that?" Max: "No. His remains are still in the police morgue." Dragon: "On Menorb." Max: "Yes." Dragon: "And we're going to Boughene now?" Max: "Yes. Sgt. Flett, although I'm not entirely sure why, insisted we had to leave planet immediately, and I honestly didn't want to put Amanda through anything else. I am sorry." Dragon: "I'll go tell his family, then I'll worry about the body."

180 to 187-1123.

Other than that, there's not much to do in jump except stay away from Amanda. She's all Polly Purebred most of the time, except when she goes right off over the smallest thing.

Dragon wants to know what actually happened to the Escobars, so she meets with Tavi and Duane, privately. Tavi: "You know where we were during the fight?" Dragon: "Yeah." Tavi: "When there was no one else firing at us, I shot both of them." Duane: "And we have the proof of completion of our contract." Dragon: "Would you two be willing to pay me off my share, and collect on Regina?" Duane: "I'd be willing to cover half that, if Tavi can cover the other half." Tavi: "Sure." Duane takes out a large wad of cash, counts out $25,000 credits and gives it to Dragon. Tavi does more or less the same thing. Dragon thanks them and writes them a note turning over her share, so they can collect on Regina. Dragon isn't planning on returning there now.

Later, Max finds Duane in the cargo hold, playing with his knives. Max: "If you have a minute?" Duane: "Yessir." He sheathes his blades. Duane: "What can I do for you Sir?" Max: "Why did you insist we had to leave Menorb immediately?" Duane: "Because some one was looking for us." Max: "Who?" Duane: "I don't know his name. Didn't ask. Didn't want to know." Max: "How did you know he was looking for us?" Duane: "Because he tried to hire me." Max: "To look for us. Including you." Duane: "Exactly. Got it right in one. Sir." Max: "Was he aware he was trying to hire one of us to look for us?" Duane: "Don't think so. His information seemed rather sketchy at that time." Max: "Did he say why?" Duane: "He said a friend of his was killed. And the people he was after were causing him trouble." Max: "But he didn't know you were one of the people he was looking for?" Duane: "Not at the time he was trying to hire me. Are you going somewhere with this Sir, or are you just fishing for information?" Max: "I'm hoping that this will make some sort of sense eventually, but I can see that's futile. What happened?" Duane: "Well, we arrived on Menorb -" Max: "First the planet cooled, then the dinosaurs came out, but they were .... Could you cut to the chase?" Duane: "From what point, Sir?" Max: "From when we got back to port, and it's not Sir." Duane: "If you insist." Max: "You could just stick to the relevant stuff." Duane: "We got back to port, I was approached by this guy, and offered a substantial amount of money to find these people who had killed his friend, and were causing him trouble. I acted interested, and he asked if I recognized this one, and opened up a locker and showed me Tim's head. And then when I declined his more than generous offer, he tossed Tim's head into the wastebasket. He could probably play for the Regina Rottweilers. It was at that point that I got in touch with Tavi and advised her that we ought to leave. Anything else?" Max: "What did he look like?" Duane: "I don't know." Max: "What?" Duane: "I don't know." Max: "How can you not know? He was wearing a mask?" Duane shrugs. Duane: "Sorry. I don't know what he looks like." Max: "Okay. You didn't see what he looks like, or you don't know what he looks like? Or you can't say what he looks like?" Duane: "I don't know what he looks like." Max: <frustrated> "This person is murdering people, is apparently looking for us, and you've suddenly developed amnesia?" Duane: "You said it, not me. Hey if you want to know what he looks like, ask around." Max leaves the cargo bay, worrying about the aneurysm he's developing.

No problem getting into Boughene. Where there are posters all over the place with Tim's pictures on them. A reward is offered for information about his whereabouts. Dragon takes her stuff to a locker, says her goodbyes on the ship, and goes to the family's home. The door is opened by a man in livery. Servant: "May I be of service, miss?" Dragon: "I'd like to speak to one of the family members, please." Servant: "May I say what this is in regards to?" Dragon: "Yes. It's about their son, Tim."

After a brief wait, the servant returns to show Dragon into library. Tim's parents are there, looking very distraught; the mother especially. Mother: "You have news about our, Tim?" Dragon: "Yes, unfortunately it's not good news." Mother: "He's been hurt?" Dragon: "He was killed. Off-planet, on Menorb." Tim's mother comes pretty much unglued at this, denials, wailing and moaning, the whole shebang. Father: "How do you come by that information?" Dragon: "I was travelling with him, and -" Father: "You're that woman?" Dragon: "Yes." Father: "Stay right there." He goes over to the desk to make a phone call. Dragon: "Any way, we were travelling on Menorb, but we didn't know they'd had a serial killer running loose on planet until the police showed up to request some one identify the latest victim." Mother: "I can't believe it. Tim would never leave planet. He was a good boy." Dragon: "Yes, he was. Any how, the navigator of the ship identified him." Mother: "No, there must be some mistake. My Tim would not leave planet." Dragon: "He left with me. He was travelling with me. I wasn't with him at the time, but I have no reason to doubt the ship's navigator." Tim's mom loses it completely. Much wailing, gnashing of teeth. Father: "You're responsible for this. I'll see that you'll pay. I'm calling the police." Dragon: "Actually, I was thinking of going back to Menorb and trying to find out what happened." Father: "That won't make you any less responsible." Dragon: "You're probably right. I don't know what happened or how, but I'm going to find out. I'm sorry." Father: "You're sorry? That's supposed to make us feel better? Get out." Dragon can still hear wailing coming form the house as she walks away. Once back in the starport, she'll get passage back to Menorb.

On a lighter note, Sparrow takes advantage of being somewhere civilized, and heads off in pursuit of a spa. A male stops on the sidewalk and looks at her. He's about 5'8", dark hair - "Sparrow?" He comes towards her like he's going to hug her. He looks vaguely familiar. Man: "Sparrow, I can't believe it's you. On Boughene!" Sparrow: "I'm sorry, you look really familiar. Where do I know you from?" Man: "I can't believe you don't remember. We spent the most incredible night together!" He takes out his wallet, and removes a flat photo of the two of them together. Sparrow looks rather toasted, and very happy. They have drinks in their hands. Man: "Hey, can I buy you a drink?" Sparrow: "Uh, no. Looks like the last time we had a drink together it got out of hand." Man: "A coffee then." Nothing is clicking for Sparrow. Who the devil is this guy? What the hell. Sparrow figures if the damn green snake didn't kill her, coffee with this guy shouldn't. Man: "Gee, you look great. What's it been? A year and a half?" But that would put her on Bob, studying with the Basque. Man: "Or something like that. I've lost track of time. Remember? I told you about my condition." Sparrow: "It's not contagious, is it?" Man: "Any way, here's a coffee place." They go in. Barista: "Hey Ted." Ted: "Hi." Oh, he's Ted. Nope. Still no bells, but a name's a start. They order mochas. Ted: "So, how are things going? What are you up to these days?" Sparrow: "Not much." Ted: "Still doing the same thing?" Sparrow: "That depends. What was I doing?" Ted: "You know. <conspiratorially> Things." Sparrow tries to steer Ted around to exactly where they were, but Ted's describing everything about their date in really painful detail, and he drones on, and on, and on. She feels her body going numb. Oh wait, that's not good. She goes to stand up and falls over. Ted: "She doesn't look good." A couple of large men show up with kind offers of assistance. Ted: <to barista> "I'm really sorry about this." He tips the barista as Sparrow plans breaking Ted into itty-bitty little pieces. The men lift her into the conveniently located unmarked van (from the Conveniently Located Unmarked Van Rental company), and Ted carefully puts something under her head. They get in and drive off, obeying all the traffic laws.

Ted: "See how simple that was gentlemen?" Thug A: "Simple? It took forever to set up. It would have been easier to just take her off the street." Ted: <sighs> "I'm beginning to doubt that there is any hope for you." Thug B: "Did you learn anything while you were chatting?" Ted: "No. I didn't have the opportunity." Thug B: "Well, the boss wants answers." Thug A: "We should just grab the lot of them and extract the information by force." Ted: "A pile of bodies is not going to give the boss any answers. Consider for example, all the valuable information you extracted from that person, what was his name? Tim. Our employer pays me to do this job for a reason. Now be quiet. I'm thinking. Something you may not be familiar with." Thug B: "You know, you're not going to be the boss' favorite forever. And when that happens, I'm going to be all over you like white on rice." Ted ignores him.

The van pulls in through a door, which rolls down behind it. Sparrow is carried rag doll like out of the van, and set down in a chair. Comfortable chair, table, pitcher of water, a sheet of MDF with two spots maybe 4.5 feet apart near the top with bloodstains around them, and another pair of stains at about where a person's ankles would go if they'd been attached to the piece of medium density fibreboard with that nail gun over there... Oh-oh. There's a very high tech lap top over on the table. Ted carefully searches Sparrow, then uses duct tape to tape her arms and legs to the chair, not too tight, but making sure he tapes over skin not clothing. Then he takes a high tech auto-injector and injects her with something. The warmth spreads out from the injection sight, along with the pins and needles. Yipe. In a few minutes, she feels pretty much back to normal.

Ted: "How are you feeling?" Sparrow: "I'm going to break every bone in your Goddamn body." More or less, there's still some residual slurring. Ted: "Really? That's interesting." Sparrow: "It will be." Ted: "Now, Miss Sparrow. It's quite simple. You and I are going to have a chat. And if you tell me what I want to know, you can leave here undamaged." Sparrow: "Yeah right. Like I believe that." Ted: "Let's say alive and unharmed. However, if you fail to give me the information I need, I will hand you over to these gentlemen, who will be much less pleasant." Sparrow: "What if I don't know anything about what you want to know?" Ted: "That would be most unfortunate." Sparrow: "We'll never know if you don't ask specific questions." Ted: "I know that you and your companions were involved in the murder of Carmen Escobar." Sparrow: "She was...killed while we were attacking the camp to get our pilot back." Ted: "You weren't involved in her assassination?" Sparrow: "No. Don't do wet work. Not my line of work." Ted: "You didn't procure the datachip?" Sparrow: "The what?" Ted: "The datachip she had implanted?" Sparrow: "The what?" Ted: "The datachip Carmen Escobar had implanted in her person." Sparrow: "Well that's a bizarre thing to do. Who'd want to implant something like that in themselves? Ick." Ted: "All right, let's try something else. The other people on the ship, the ones who were with you on Menorb, who are they? What is their training? What is their armament?" Sparrow: "There's the pilot, Amanda, who was inconveniently kidnapped just after arriving on Menorb. Max, our navigator, who was concentrating on getting Amanda back. He's Navy, and a really good shot. Okay, now this part is going to get confusing, because there were two Duane's, one with a lisp , one without. The one with, he's a noble. Nice guy for the most part, I think he's got money. The other Duane is an over testosteroney, taught-to-kill-people Marine guy. Hard to talk to. He's into knives. There's Tavi, who I know next to nothing about, but she knew how to fly, and she knew how to shoot, because she always had a gun on her. I think she just likes guns. And Dragon...Something happened to Tim, something bad but I don't know exactly what it was. Dragon's sort of your generic punk anarchist type I guess. That's about it really. As far as armaments, mostly handguns, a couple of rifles, I think, and Duane's knife collection." Ted: "And you claim to have no knowledge of a plot to kidnap or kill Carmen Escobar?" Sparrow: "Don't do wet work. Don't do kidnapping. Not something I take money for." Ted: "What do you know about Palladium?" Sparrow: "It's metal. It's used in jewelry. I think I've....found some on occasion." Ted: "And you know nothing about it beyond it's metallic uses?" Sparrow: "No." Ted: "I see. Perhaps there's been a mistake." Sparrow: <sarcastically sweet> "Do I get an apology and a nice parting gift?" Ted: <to the thugs> "Take her to the edge of town, and let her go. And don't harm her." She's given another injection and goes limp again. Into the van and off again.

Thug A: "Hey, there's your chance." Thug B: "I like to stay within my own species." Sparrow: <to herself> "A Rimmer. Snobs." After driving for a while, the van stops and Sparrow is carried out. They lay her by the edge of the road, take off her shoes and socks, and cut a couple of slits on the bottoms of her feet. The bastards. Thug A: "That ought to slow her down." She gets another injection of counter agent. Thug A: "See you around." Smiles and winks as he puts his knife away. She's going to kill him.

Max wanted to make arrangements to get Amanda back home to Rhylanor on a faster ship, but nothing that's leaving from Boughene any time soon will be any quicker than just taking their own ship at least to Regina. Tavi has also been thinking about travel plans. Tavi: <to Max> "Where is this ship going next?" Max: "Regina." Tavi: "And it will take you two jumps to get there?" Max: "Yes. Which is about as long as it will take on any other ship, if not longer. I know, I've checked." Tavi decides why bother to move her stuff then? She'll stay on board the Bonaventure.

Sparrow disobeys the signs to leave the plants alone, and uses local plant life to wrap up her feet. It's still incredibly painful, but at least she's not getting dirt and stuff in the deep lacerations on her feet.

Dwayne got a nice hotel room on planet. He's very concerned about Amanda and Donald, and the TL of Boughene is D. (And a law level of 1! Whoo hoo! No plasma guns, RAM grenades, bazookas, or poison gas, but that's about it. Well, okay, maybe no on the pocket nukes too.) He has a chat with a psychiatric doctor in the local hospital about it. Dr. Corbett can suggest several courses of treatment, but he has to actually see the patients. Dwayne will try to make arrangements, since the doctor is willing to go to them. Dwayne calls the ship. Dwayne: "Max, I've got a Dr. Corbett." Max: "You do?" Dwayne: "He's a psychiatrist, and I did try to explain the situation to him. He believes he may be of some help, but he'd like to see the patients." Max: "There's no way I'm going to be able to get Amanda or Donald off the ship." Dwayne: "No, no. He'll be my visitor." Max: "If you think that would be helpful, all right." Dwayne: "I'd like to twy." Max: "Okay."

Dwayne returns to the ship, with Dr. Corbett, who is very calm and pleasant. He seems way too nice. No, no, no - that's just the paranoia talking. Max does have a legitimate reason to be worried when Sparrow is gone for over three hours. He leaves Dwayne with Amanda and the doctor, goes to a com unit where he can still watch, and calls the spa. Sparrow never arrived.

Speaking of Sparrow, she's off walking over the not even paved ground, which still has some residual acid. After a while her nerves just give up. She mutters about killing and maiming as she goes. She eventually reaches a pay phone. Yes! Just deposit one credit. The bastards took all her change when they stopped for coffee. And they took her card. She tries to get an operator, but no luck. Bugger. She spots a café or something a few hundred painful yards down the street. It takes a while, but she does get there. It's a club actually, with exotic drinks and dancers. She goes in, almost being blown over by the music. Into the darkness, feeling her way. She looks for a bartender or bouncer. She finds a bouncer, because she can't pay the cover charge. She tries to explain, but the bouncer interrupts, as he's "heard this before". Sparrow: "I'm sure you probably have heard this before, but not from some one with feet like this. I'm not doing this for my health!" The problem is, it's too dark for her to make an impression. She decides that if that bastard won't help her, she'll just walk into town, because she can't do anything else. The bouncer finally relents. Bouncer: "Look. I'll tell you what I'll do, you seem like a nice kid. You can use the phone behind the desk." Finally! The bouncer notices Sparrow looking at the dancers on stage as she hobbles back to the desk. Bouncer: "You could probably make a lot of money. The waif thing is in this year."

Max calls the other spas. No luck. Then he calls the hospitals. No luck. But there are a few Jane Doe's if he'd like to come check them out? He doesn't ask if they have entire bodies, but he's developing something of a complex about these things. Max goes over to talk to Dwayne. Max: "I'm worried about sparrow." Dwayne: "When was Sparrow due back?" Max: "A couple of hours ago. I've called the spas, and she's not at any of them. I've called the hospitals, and she's not there either, but they do have a couple of Jane Does I could check out, and no, I didn't ask if the bodies were all in one piece, but I don't want to leave Amanda." A bit stressed here, are we? Dwayne doesn't ask, knowing how sensitive Max has gotten about Amanda, but just offers to go in Max's stead. Max is relieved to accept the offer.

Dwayne goes to the morgue, where they bring into the viewing room a 5'10", 450 pound, dark chocolate colored woman. Dwayne: "Uh, no." Attendant: "What? Oh sorry, wrong one. I'm terribly sorry." They bring the other one out. Attendant: "Are you ready?" Dwayne: "Yes." Attendant: "Are you aware it was found outside?" Dwayne: "No, I wasn't." (Boughene has a corrosive atmosphere.) Attendant: "Yes. It's not pretty. Airlock accident." Dwayne: "Oh dear." They pull back the sheet to reveal a small figure, slightly built, and it was a female. The only thing really recognizable are the high heeled, synthetic shoes. Nope - not Sparrow. She'd never wear shoes that tacky.

Duane emerges from playing with his knives, to get coffee . Duane: "Max." Nods, takes his coffee, and leaves again for his cabin. Dwayne calls Max, tells him that Sparrow isn't apparently in the morgue or hospital. Then Sparrow herself calls. Max: "Hello?" Sparrow: "Max?" Max: "Sparrow?" Sparrow: "Yes." Max: "Where are you? Are you all right?" Sparrow: "Uh, I'm at this place called the Red Eye Tavern, on the outskirts of town, because some goons took my money and dumped me here. And no one should leave the ship, because there's a crazy man out there." There's a voice over the phone. Man: "Hey, how about a dance, honey?" Whack - thump! Man: "Hey, she broke my fucking nose!" Don't touch the girls. Bouncer: "All right buddy, you've had enough." Man: "She broke my fucking nose!" Footsteps away. Max: "I'll get a ride out to you, one way or the other." Sparrow: "Thank you. Oh, and some one with a med kit, that would be helpful." A man then staggers by, stuffs a $20 credit note into her cleavage and staggers off. Okay, well, that was...interesting. And profitable.

Max tracks down the elusive Sergeant Flett. Max: "Duane? How much do you normally charge?" Duane: "For what?" Max: "I need you to tell me what the man who tried to hire you on Menorb looked like, so we'll know if he shows up again." Duane: "Oh, if he shows up again, I won't have any problem identifying him." Max: "Okay...<pause> Look, I need you to go with Dwayne and pick up Sparrow. She's in a club on the outskirts of town, and she's injured." Duane: "I should charge you extra for going with the lieutenant, but I won't." Max: "But you still can't tell me what the man looked like." Duane: "You're just not asking the right question. I'm not the only person on board the ship right now who's seen this guy." Max: "Right. And you'll go with Dwayne to pick up Sparrow?" Duane: "All right."

Back at the Red Eye. Man: <to Sparrow> "Please, it's been almost a year, and I love you!" Having a total stranger confess undying love and offer lots of money to have sex with him is not what Sparrow had in mind for the evening's entertainment. Bouncer: "Okay buddy, that's enough. No sex on the premises; you'll have to go to a hotel room." Sparrow's beginning to become fond of the bouncer. Max comes back on the line. Max: "Stay there, some one is coming there to get you." Sparrow: "I'll be here."

A man in a velvet jacket, and a broad brimmed hat comes over to Sparrow. Man: "Good evening." Sparrow: "Good evening." Man: "You seem to be in some distress. Would you like to sit down and have a refreshment?" Sparrow: "Don't take this the wrong way, but the last time I took a drink from a stranger bad things happened." Man: "Mademoiselle. You seem to have injured your feet." Sparrow: "Yes, that would be one of the bad things that happened." Man: "At least let me bring you a chair." Sparrow: "I wouldn't turn that down." The gentleman gets a chair for her to sit on - much better!

Back on board the Bonaventure, the doctor is chatting very calmly with Amanda. Dr. Corbett: "Just tell me...." Very monotone, very soothing, very sleep inducing... Max goes to see Tavi, who's close enough so Max can still hear Amanda and the doctor. Max: <to Tavi> "Forgive me if this sounds a bit odd, but it's the result of a conversation with Sgt. Flett." Tavi: "That explains it." Max: "Do you have any idea what the man who killed Tim looks like?" Tavi: "No. Do I know what the man who showed the head to Duane looks like, yes." She describes him. Tavi: "I'm not saying you want that information, as it may be dangerous. Duane seemed to think he was a bad dude. You may take this however you wish." Max: "Thank you." Tavi: "Now who killed Tim? No clue." Max: "Thanks." Tavi: "Sure."

Back in the club there's a large man over at a table, tipping a dancer who's just give him a table dance. He looks sort of nondescript, but a bit taller than average. He could be a relative of the big nasty men, or some one completely unconnected. Sparrow leaves him alone, and waits in her spot.

Amanda's talking, in a strange, detached voice when Max comes back into the room. Dr. Corbett: "Now I want you to go to sleep. When yo wake up, you'll feel refreshed, like you had a nice nap. When I count to three, you'll wake up. One, two, three." He snaps his fingers and she wakes up. Amanda: "Oh I'm sorry, I must have dozed off." Dr. Corbett: "Not a problem, my dear. You were tired."

D and D arrive at the Red Eye. Duane: "Why don't I go in and pick her up?" Dwayne: "Why don't we both go in and pick her up ?" Duane: "Because if there's a problem, you may need to come in." [Translation: "I don't want to be seen with you in a public place you foofy noble, you."] Dwayne: "Then I should just come in to begin with." He goes in, without Duane's blessing.

Bouncer: "Men - down that hall." One look and he's assigned Dwayne to the Nancy-boy group. Dwayne: "Oh no, thank you. I went before I left." Duane, meanwhile, has come in via a different entrance. It's very crowded, lots of yelling and shouting. Probably violating several ordinances. Dwayne is trying to thread his way through the crowd, when he bumps into the big guy, who spills his drink on the young lady he's with. Dwayne: "I'm so sorry. Let me get you another drink." The big guy stands up, looks at Dwayne for about a full 10 seconds, and then says "That's all right. Accidents happen." Dwayne makes it to the bar and orders replacement beverages for the nice couple. It always pays to be polite. Dwayne returns to the table with the drinks. Man: "Thank you. Have a seat." Dwayne: "Oh, no thank you, I'm here for a fwiend. She's gotten into some twouble, and needs an escowt home." Man: "Really? well, who is she? I know most of the girls here." Dwayne: "Actually, she doesn't work here. She came here by puwest happen-stance while looking for a telephone. Oh, there she is!"

Duane scopes out the area and sees that Dwayne is conferring with a large gentleman, then looking at Sparrow. Ah. The deal has been cut. Duane makes it to Sparrow first, being the closest. As he approaches he's being watched carefully by a man in a velvet coat, wide brimmed hat, and a feather. A friend of Dwayne's? Duane sits down beside Sparrow. Sparrow: "No time for sitting! Cab, please, ship, go." Gentleman: <to Duane> "May I help you sir? <to Sparrow> Is this man bothering you?" Sparrow: "No, he's one of my friends, who's here to take me back to my ship." Duane: "Is this man bothering you?" Sparrow: "No, he's been a perfect gentleman." Gentleman: "Good evening." Bows. Duane: <to Sparrow> "We should introduce him to Dwayne." Sparrow: "I don't know why everyone keeps leaping to that conclusion, I don't think it's the correct one." Dwayne himself arrives. Dwayne: "Miss Spawwow! I'm so glad to see you. Good heavens, you'we injured." Sparrow: "I just want to get back to the ship before the crazy man comes back!" Dwayne picks her up. Sparrow gives the 20 creds to the bouncer. Bouncer: "Thank you." Make friends now, you never know when you might need them later. They leave the Red Eye. Once outside Duane notifies the ship. Duane: <to Tavi> "Got her. On the way back." Tavi: "Copy. <to Max> They're on their way."

As they're walking over to the cab, Dwayne sees movement in the shadows. Dwayne: "Sehrgeant..." He speeds up a bit towards the cab, and gets her inside. Duane covers. Everyone into the cab. Sparrow: "Please hurry." Dwayne: "Let me take a look at those feet. You may need to go to a hospital." He examines the cuts that go into the nerve bed, and have been exposed to caustic material, etc., etc. Dwayne: "Hospital." Duane isn't happy about being rerouted to the hospital, but too bad.

Sparrow is hustled in to Emergency and taken off to be examined. The boys can hang around in the waiting room. Doctor: "You're not from Boughene, are you?" Sparrow: "No. Just a tourist." Doctor: "You really should be more careful, miss. We get quite a few tourists here every year who ignore the environmental warnings, to their own detriment." Sparrow: "It's not like it was my choice!" Doctor: "What do you mean, not your choice? Did someone do this to you?" Sparrow: "Yes." Doctor: "I see. Well, of course we'll notify the police so you can make a report." The cops do show up, to take her statement. She gives a really good description of Ted. The police also want to scan her ID, which she doesn't have thanks to the big bad guys. No problem. They can scan her retina and fingerprints, and get her ID. Oh, and there are a couple of other people who'd like to talk to Sparrow. One of them has the "The people have the right to know!" Look, while the other one is asking "Was it the Stalker from level 12?" Sparrow declines her opportunity to chat with the lovely press people, the hospital backs her up.

Sparrow asks that they check her for toxins, as well, since they're doing blood draws and the like. It's doable. They give Sparrow a nice shot, and she becomes very happy within 30 seconds. They can do whatever they want, and she won't notice. Meanwhile, Dwayne is handling the paperwork outside. Clerk: "Are you her next of kin?" Dwayne: "I'm the one sponsowing heh tweatment." He hands over his card. The hospital wants to keep her for twelve hours, just as a precaution. They've given her something for the pain (Neo-Narc) and a couple of other things as well. She can speak perfectly fine (as far as she's concerned), and she's not worried about anything. She's so cute when she's babbling. Duane alerts the ship while Dwayne pays the bills. They'll stay put here for now.