Minor Non Player Characters

These are NPCs that provide local color, i.e run shops, are sources of info or appear occasionally in adventures.

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Venue Personality
Imperium Emperor Aleksandr (Zhakirov)

Empress Ilsa (Andreylan Zhakirov)

Grand Duchess Katerina Zhakirov Bach Sister of Emperor Alexander. Wife of Mark Bach, Duke of Lunion.

Commandant Darrel Tranek Retired Imperial Marine General, currently the Commandant of the Imperial Military Academy on Rhylanor. Formerly known as Emperor Strephon's "hatchet man".

MegaCorps Warren Carstairs
President of MilTech, Resident of Terra, Collector of Artifacts, reclusive eccentric.
Regina Edgar Tyrrel (Deceased.) Privy Councilor of Regina.

Margaret Hillerman Senior supervisor, Regina Data Exchange. Bridge partner of Grandma Kirby

Mr. Sykes Proprietor of the Jasmine Club. Past unknown, he just showed up one day.

Leighton Obssessive head of the 'anti-piracy league'.

Shiv Owner of the Laughing Cadaver. To die for little female - literally, if you're not careful.

Kitty Bitch (aka Katherine Cordman) Rocker extraordinaire, wife of Behrel dom Camreal.

Special Agent in Charge Rollings of the IBI. An officious twit, with a gun.

Jacob "JB" Blake (Deceased.) Owner of Blake Shipping. Theresa's father, Mikie's father-in-law.

Trunk Boy A long time employee of Regina Security, he probably has a real name, but he earned his handle by being the one who tossed people (frequently Mikie) into the trunk of one of the cars for the trip to the big grey building with no windows.

Brigitte One of Regina Security's agents. Last assigned to Mikie, as his bodyguard, assistant, minder, whatever.

Krag Kiron Former Rim grav-ball champion, turned missionary. Really large, scarred man, who habitually carries an ice axe.

Sir Osbourne Banks Also known as 'the Great Oz', is the head of the Regina Department of Justice, and a renowned entomologist.

Stewart Pondoro Granger Pikhan dangerous game hunter. Member of the Regina Hunt Club.

George The doorman at the Jasmine Club. Retired REACT unarmed combat instructor.

Rourrgith Commissioner Globber's secretary.

Segio Senior mixologist at Clairidges lounge. A large friendly man with a swarthy complexion and huge handlebar moustache. He usually wears a red fez and speaks with an odd accent.

Tony Sandoval Unknown origins or background

Ringo Ravang Gunslinger Brother to Fido Ravang

Captain Melberne Regina Starport Police

Jenghe Cali Turner Former governor of Jenghe, retired assassin.

Hunter Banks Former Interim Governor of Jenghe and sister to Osbourne Banks

Gvurrdon - Vargr General Fieldmarshall Luknargh
Gvurrdon - Imperial Brig. Gen. Lloyd Cheltenham-Smythe III

Capt. Vlickelplesterb

Lt. Jenny Powitowski

John Plexo

Col. McGonnigal

Captain Peabody

Sgt. Udokso

Corporal Dzough