Regina Up Port: Hotels

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The Ambassadore A Regina institution since its 931 inception, the Ambassadore appears on every "Marches Best" list. The glamour level is off the scale: 1,500 square meters of gold leaf and 1,100 of marble gild this lily, and bedrooms (some not as spacious as you might imagine) feature Irish linen sheets on canopied beds, brocades and velvets, individual climate control, dual voltage outlets, and Italian marble and etched glass bathrooms with Floris goodies. Decor throughout is in opulent English country-house style, with more than a hint of Art Deco. There's a beauty spa, a casino, a nightclub, a special theater-ticket concierge, the Oriental and Terrace restaurants, plus the power-dining Grill Room. Afternoon tea, drinking, lounging, and posing are all accomplished in the catwalk-shape Promenade lounge, where you may spot one of the vid-star types who will stay nowhere else (Dulcinea Kyote has been a habitué for decades--in fact, she was sitting in her tub here when that million-credit offer to film Cleopatra came over the vid-phone). 500-2500 CR/day.
Claridges Stay here, and you're staying at a hotel legend (founded in 812). The liveried staff is friendly and not in the least condescending, and the rooms are never less than luxurious. Have a drink in the Foyer lounge (24 hours a day) with its mini-orchestra, or retreat to the reading room for perfect quiet interrupted only by the sound of pages turning. The bedrooms are spacious, as are the bathrooms, with their enormous shower heads and bells (which still work) to summon either maid or valet from their station on each floor. Beds are handmade and supremely comfortable--the Duke of Glisten once brought his own, couldn't sleep, and ended up ordering 30 from Claridge's to take home. The grand staircase and magnificent elevator are equally impressive. 1000-2000 CR/day
Econo-Shelter The infamous “drawer hotel”. Rooms consist of a pull out sleeping rack in a 1.5m x 1.5m x 2m cubicle. Spartan to say the least. A place to sleep where you won’t get rolled. Cheap. Coin operated fresher facilities available in the common bathrooms. 5 cr/day.
The Green Tree Inn A basic middle class inn operated by Omnilodge. As ubiquitous in the marches as scout couriers. 50-100 cr/day.
Imperial Travel Lodge A middle class hotel, part of a chain operated by Tukera Lines, LIC. Plain but predictable. $35-75 cr/day
Moolack Shores Bed & Breakfast Small private lodgings, family run. Each of the 20 rooms is decorated in a different style with unique items. Such as: the Antique room, the nautical room, the Solomani space, the belter room, the castle, the honeymoon suite, etc. Stan & Jan Berenstain - Prop.
No Tell Motel Hourly rates, clean disposable sheets available (extra $2 cr charge). No questions asked. Pay up front. $30 cr/day, $10 cr/ hour.
Sans Soucci Another upper class hotel, owned by the mega-chain Omnilodge. This hotel is fairly nice, if drab suites, with all the modern conveniences. $100-200 cr/day.