Andrew Trygaer


A brilliant bio-geneticist, as well as a medical doctor and biochemist, Michael Andrew Trygaer was a top developer of SuSAG's biologicals division. He was a field leader in AP design as well as specialized lifeform engineering. Primarily working in Arkadian space, a rift developed between Trygaer and SuSAG, and he left the company in late 1121 to relocate on Regina.

There, he met his identical twin brother Michael Griffin, of whom he had no knowledge until their meeting. The two developed a relationship, and shared a psychic as well as fraternal bond.

Andrew, as he preferred to be called, died of multiple gunshot wounds received from SuSAG security officers who foiled an assassination attempt on SuSAG Director Anton Solati by Trygaer. It is believed that he was "disgruntled after being discharged for performing unauthorized and unethical experiments".


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