Anton Solati


Anton Solati served as the General Director of SuSAG in the netral zone, assuming the post in 1117. A graduate of the university of Rhylanor with degrees in medicine and genetic engineering, he first took a teaching post for that institution. He was later dismissed amidst rumors of unethical experiments.

Solati joined SuSAG in 1102, and rose rapidly first as a researcher and later as a manager. He is credited with over 200 patents in biotechnology.

Collegues have described Solati as humorless, but brilliant, a man driven by his passion for science without regard for anything else. He was also known to be vindictive, and destroyed the careers of many fellow scientists who criticised his work, often waiting years to obtain his revenge.

Dr. Solati was killed in an industrial accident on Regina, 12-1122, though his body was never recovered. He is survived by his older brother Jacques, a senior executive in SuSAG's military division, and younger brother Armand, a financial analyst also with SuSAG.


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