"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men/ Gang aft a-gley"
-- Robert Burns (1759-1796) Scottish poet; "To a Mouse."


Shaw, who is attempting to hack into the ship's computer system, is at least partially successful. He finds out that one of the suites that is supposed to be unoccupied, is actually occupied. There are instructions that the person absolutely is not to be disturbed, and their identity is not listed. Apparently some one has been trying to get into the room, repeatedly, with a ship's keycard, but the card did not have the proper code. He files that under "interesting but not pertinent" information. His primary concern is trying to get into the ship's navigational computer (on the bridge), but that is evidently not available from outside the bridge. Shaw is able to make a connection to all of the nonessential parts of the computer system, but all of those (except engineering, since that's where he is) have been physically cut off (yanked out of the wall?).

Treal tries to convince the Pikhans to try to take the ship out of jump before getting to Tremous Dex, but it's pointed out that this could be very bad - if the ship comes out in interstellar space, the ship could be fifty years away from the nearest planet, everyone will end up eating each other, and then starving to death. Good point. What the plan is, currently, is to wait until the ship comes out of jump, then separate the engineering section, pilot it out to the cometary belt, and wait there, leaving the ship without an engine. Treal's concern is that the Lyrians will do something with the really big gun outside the door before the ship leaves jumpspace. Pikhan: "What we have here is a hyper-standoff." Treal is offered a bug-bar, which he declines, although it kind of smells good. There is lots of other food though. The Martels go off into their own rooms to eat, away from the carnivores and omnivores.

Shaw sees a message displayed slowly across his terminal: CAN YOU RAED ME? <backspace...> CAN YOU READ ME? Shaw <typing>: "Yes." WHO ARE YOU? Shaw: "Colonel Shaw." ARE YOU LYRIAN? Shaw: "No. Imperial Marines. Retired." THANK GOD. I AM TRAPPED IN MY ROOM. THE TERRORISTS ARE ALL AROUND ME Shaw: "Where is your room?" The room number corresponds to the one Shaw found out about earlier. He asks if the cockroach can be sent there, and after an argument over "magnetic flux", is told that yes, and it will take about an hour. Shaw: "What is your name?" LILY DUPRES This name sounds vaguely familiar. Shaw: "We're doing what we can. Are you all right?" FOR NOW BUT THEY KEEP TRYING TO GET IN. I'M AFRAID OF WHAT THEY MIGHT DO Shaw: "Hang on. We're working on it. We're a bit out numbered right now." THANK YOU GOD BLESS

Shaw tells Ghaer and Treal about the "anonymous guest", Lily Duprés, and the contact they've made. It's a familiar name to Ghaer, too, but from where? Shaw remembers he has a connection to the ship's library, and he finds a listing in the entertainment library for a song by Lily Duprés. There's a picture of her from the album cover, and she's got long black hair, and is wearing a red sequined dress that displays her vast, um, assets, and a feather boa. Shaw prints out a hard copy so that they have at least some kind of picture, even though they have no idea how old the picture is. Ghaer plays the recording, and Lily certainly has quite the range.

Ghaer has been working on the Book of Wisdom. He's very carefully trying to put together the little tiny pieces, onto sticky paper. He's gotten a few pieces together, but he decides to go do something he's been putting off. Ghaer calls outside, and speaks to Count (or Colonel) Esterhazy, the one-armed man. Esterhazy: "Mr. Raller. You understand that hostilities have resumed? Have you come out under a flag of truce to negotiate a surrender?" Ghaer: "I'm coming out as a medical professional and a friend of some one who is in a great deal of pain. I wish to see Michael Griffin." Esterhazy allows Ghaer to leave, but with an escort (Lance Corporal Perkins). Lance Corporal Perkins, who from his uniform, is the former Sergeant Perkins, takes Ghaer the long way to the gym.

Treal is busily trying to figure out what the effect would be if the field gun were to be fired. It all depends on what type of round they use, but don't stand in the way of the door, for a first thing. Treal keeps monitoring the field gun crew, and sees that Esterhazy rotates a small crew at the ready (to fire) every ten minutes, so they can stay alert.

Ghaer is taken up to the gym, where Mikie is, indeed, pounding on the bag. Perkins: "There you are sir. I'll just wait in the doorway." Ghaer: "Do you have any medical training?" Perkins: "Basic first aid, sir." Ghaer: "Good. I might need it." He goes over and says "Hi." to Mikie. Lance Corporal Perkins has taken a book out of his pocket. Ghaer: "How are you doing?" Mikie doesn't say anything. Ghaer: "I see your hand-eye coordination is intact."

Shaw is discussing the nerve gas with the Pikhans. Shaw: "How long before it dissipates?" Pikhan: "Eight hours, approximately." It won't effect Pikhan nervous systems, and it "probably won't effect Martels. We think." Martel: "Probably??" This is not perhaps, as comforting as it might seem to the Pikhans. Treal feels that it's insane to even think about using the nerve gas, but since Ghaer had told them the prince is a powerful psionic who is reading their minds even by the drives, Treal decides to egg them on, to maybe get the Prince worried. Pikhan: "Well there's one sure way of testing the efficacy, and that's to release a small amount." Treal suggests they use something inert, but really smelly, instead; . There is a lot of discussion back and forth, but the decision is made to wait for the cockroach to finish it's current mission, then they'll use it for the nerve gas experiment.

The cockroach makes it to the room, and the camera shows a darkened stateroom. A light comes on, the there's a large shadow, then a smaller dark thing that suddenly gets bigger, and a CRACK as the cockroach is stomped on by some one wearing heels. Oops. The sound is stilling being sent, and Shaw hears many odd noises, thumping, footsteps, then a metallic clacking noise that sounds rather like a bolt being pulled back, then what sounds like a door slamming open. Shaw checks the door, and it's 'unsecured'. Uh-oh. Shaw checks the hall, and the nearby guards appear to be fine. There's a click, and then the room is quiet, except for some hissing. Hissing??

Ghaer <to Mikie>: "What happened to Theresa?" Mikie stops what he's doing, hands on the bag. Mikie <not looking at Ghaer>: "Pamela happened." Ghaer: "And the Blakes?" Mikie: "Section 9." Ghaer: "Where's your religious medal?" Mikie: "It was with Theresa." Ghaer: "I'm sorry. I should have been there." Ghaer feels he's been useless here, too. Mikie: "Anything else?" Ghaer: "Do you need anything?" Mikie: "People keep asking me that. I can't figure out why." Ghaer: "Because you're exhibiting obsessive behavior, haven't properly grieved, and you've been avoiding your friends, possibly out of fear something will happen to them." Perkins is now interested, moves closer, and has taken out a small notebook and pencil. Perkins: "Don't mind me, just pretend I'm not here." He actually says this. Mikie turns and looks at the idiot, then decides to ignore him.

Shaw wants to try something to at least partially distract the gun crew outside. He asks the Pikhans if they have a stereo or radio, something to play music. Pikhan: "We have some gas music from Jupiter, or some Pikhan bluegrass?" Shaw: "Pikhan Bluegrass will be fine." The Pikhans decide to first play the Lily Duprés record they downloaded, of famous arias. Halfway through the second aria, Esterhazy seems to tear up slightly, but obviously loving the music. Shaw has them switch to the Pikhan bluegrass. Now that's annoying. After a couple of minutes, the Colonel makes a call on the radio, and some men wheel in a couple of huge speakers. A young man comes running up and hands the Colonel a case, from which he takes some CDs, and passes them on to the second gun crew. The PA system then starts up with really loud marching music. Then the ship's sound system starts blasting Pikhan bluegrass, to the confusion of the passengers, crew, and Lyrians.

After a few minutes of this, the Prince himself comes down to the cargo bay outside of engineering. He looks at the door to engineering, the Pikhans' stereo starts vibrating on the table, then it explodes. The Prince then just looks at the Colonel and the gun crew shuts off the marching music. The Prince leaves. An impression has definitely been made, although not necessarily the one originally intended.

Treal again tries to impress upon Shaw and the Pikhans the importance of the nerve gas. Since the cockroach is presumably toast, something else will need to be used to release the test substance. Maybe the Pikhans could build something else? Possibly something a bit bigger than the cockroach, like a beetle of some type? They could do this, but they will have to actually make the parts, so it will take a while. Treal is meanwhile concentrating on using the nerve gas, in an attempt to direct the Prince (if he is indeed eavesdropping psionically on them) to that topic. The Prince's mention of his brother Will has Treal somewhat concerned.

A little while later, one of the Prince's men approaches the door to engineering, white flag in hand. Treal goes out to speak with him. Emissary: "I have a message from my Prince. He says it would not be wise to release your poison gas. He says that although it would pain him greatly, he would be forced to have the air evacuated from engineering. He also wishes to point out the all civilized nations have outlawed the use of chemical and biological agents -" Treal: "We're not a nation." Emissary: "The Prince would find it very unfortunate if he would have to use his gifts to remove you as a threat." Treal: "Well, tell him his LP is playing on the wrong track with me. I'm not a Pikhan." Emissary <after a blank moment>: "You will refrain from this?" Treal: "We'll see, won't we?" Treal figures that if the Prince really is that powerful a psionic, he knows that Treal would not use nerve gas, under any circumstances. Treal: "By the way, ask the Prince, how do those bugs taste?" Treal returns to the engineering section. Treal: "Guys, do you have any psi-suppress stuff?" Unfortunately, no one does, since that's not normally a popular item for standard shipboard first aid (or engineering requirements).

While Treal was outside, the Pikhans were huddled in a corner, discussing something between themselves, and occasionally taking peeks at Shaw, who was starting to get a bit concerned. Pikhan: "We've been evaluating our situation, given the current information, and we've decided that it won't be to our advantage to continue with our plans, so we're changing sides." Treal and Shaw: "What?!" The Pikhans have recalculated the odds of success, and since they are no longer to their benefit, they've decided to go with the winning team. Shaw: "Is this part of the Prince's demonstration of his psionic mind-control?" Pikhan: "We haven't had any problems with psionics. We've been told that our thought processes are too fast." Treal suggests that maybe they should try find a way to determine if they are being influenced psionically, and the Pikhans figure that since the drives interfere with psionics, some one right beside the drive coils would be completely shielded from any outside psionic influence. So, they take a few moments, and volunteer Henry, who is not too happy about exposing himself to the coils. However, it's pointed out that he need only do if for a few seconds, and besides, he's the least qualified engineer in the group, which makes him more expendable to the group. Henry: "Well, I can't argue with you there. I have the least level of engineering qualifications." So, he goes into the coils, and he's asked if he still figures they should switch sides. Henry: "Well, yeah, if we want to survive." Hank: "Okay, we'll call the Colonel." The Martels have been huddling off to one side, and one of them steps out, with a really big handgun, and says: "Right. All of you, over there against the wall."

Shaw: "So, you've been providing information to the Lyrians?" Martel #1: "Of course. When I saw what the situation was, I went to the Prince and made a deal." Martel #2: "What?!?" Martel #1: "So, I like to keep my options open." Martel #2: "But, I went to the Prince, and he didn't say anything about you!" Martel #1: "You went to the Prince? He didn't say anything about that. You traitorous bastard!" Martel #2: "Oh yeah, well I'm not the one Mom liked best!" Martel #1: "I'm not the one who got the red bicycle at Christmas, when his brother wanted one!!" The humans and Pikhans in the room are left to watch as the Martels go at it in what is obviously a familiar issue of sibling rivalry. The Martels are literally at each other's throats when Treal, who has taken the opportunity to get into the powered armor, decides that it's not safe for the two of them to be fighting in an enclosed space, when they both have guns. Treal picks up the two Martels, one in either hand, gives them a shake, and drops them. Unfortunately, one of the Martels was shaken a wee bit too much, and when he hits the ground it's obvious he has a broken neck.

The room gets very quiet. The surviving Martel looks at Treal and says "You killed my brother." The Martel picks up his gun, yells "You killed my brother!!", and charges. He fires the gun, after jets fire out the sides. Treal hears the round hit the wall behind him, so at first he thinks he's been missed, but no, it just went right through his kidney, and out the other side. Martel: "Damn! Too close. It didn't arm." He starts to reload the gun, but Treal stomps him with the powered armor, crushing the Martel's foot, completely. The fight still continues, with Treal getting hit in the stomach, with an armed round. Just as the Martel is about to fire on Treal again, one of the Pikhans discharges a large handgun, killing the Martel; it was just getting to be too risky in the engineering section.

Shaw checks out Treal, who is in pretty bad shape. Shaw: “Do we have any more Regen™?” Pikhan: “Yeah, we have more Regen™, but it's really not designed for humans. It should still work though." They offer to medic Treal, if he surrenders. Treal gets them to shut up long enough for him to explain that he wants to discuss terms with the Lyrians first. The Pikhans understand that, absolutely. They decide that Shaw will negotiate, since he's a Colonel.

Pikhan: "We want - guild rate, and a new radio, and a new CD. And we want one of those Asteroid console games. Not the one with the plug in cartridge." Shaw: "Do you want to get off on Tremous Dex?" Pikhan: "Only if they bring on their own engineers.” The phone inside the engineering section rings, Shaw answers, and requests permission to come outside and speak with the colonel, which is given.

Esterhazy: "Is there some difficulty? We thought we heard gunfire." Shaw: "The engineers have decided to end the standoff, and have asked me to come out and negotiate the terms of surrender for them." Esterhazy: "Ah. Very good. Here are my terms: unconditional surrender, and because of your proclivity for trouble, you will be detained - comfortably, and you will not be given free rein of the ship. You will surrender all your weapons. Although as a former Imperial officer I find it distasteful, we could use our psionic assets. The Prince would only do that if you make it necessary.” Shaw: “Are you talking about detaining the humans, or the entire engineering staff?" Esterhazy: “The entire staff. As prisoners , we cannot force them to aid us, under the rules of war. Unlike our Federation of Arden counterparts, we are scrupulous in applying the rules of war.” Shaw: “I can't make that decision for the Pikhans; I'll have to ask them.” Shaw goes back in to engineering, and the Pikhans agree, not like they have any choice, but they ask to be able to do some work around the ship, some repairs, that sort of thing.

Shaw takes this back to the Colonel, explaining that the Pikhans would be bored without something to do (and no one in their right mind wants a bored Pikhan), even if it's just some minor repair or maintenance work. Esterhazy: “Very well, Colonel. They are your responsibility. Anything they do, you will answer for. Is that understood?" Shaw winces, but has to accept. He removes his sidearm and places it on the table. An officer comes out and writes a receipt. Shaw goes back, and tells the Pikhans that they won't be locked in a room, and he may be able to arrange for them to do some repair work. But they have to hand over their weapons. Pikhan: "That's reasonable. After all, we can always make more weapons later. We'll just wait for you to give the signal. How about, you wear a blue blazer and a white carnation. I'll say 'the moon is very beautiful tonight. The swallows are heading for their winter nesting site.' You will respond with..." Shaw <thinking>: This is beginning to sound like a really bad tri-dee script.

Shaw wants his 'dog', Watson with him, but Esterhazy refuses. Shaw tries to explain that Watson is a pet, and has a dog brain, and will need walks. They will find a doggie crate. Shall they bring him some food and water? Shaw suggests that might be a good idea. Shaw: "He doesn't eat or drink, but if his bowl gets empty he tends to start flinging it around the room, and he can get up quite the speed with it." The Lyrians will take care of the 'dog', although they are obviously not too keen on this.

The Pikhans come out of the engineering section and say: “Hi guys! More on your side. When do we get the cool grey uniforms?" They are taken to a dining hall. Guard: "Does your friend require medical assistance?" Yes, he does. Since the only doctor they had was the veterinarian , and he hasn't recovered from his earlier injuries, there really is no one to attend to Treal besides Shaw. An attempt will be made to see if they can locate any additional medical supplies, like Regen™.

The dining hall was already being used to hold the other troublemakers on board, the Vargrs. Three of the Vargrs announce "I'm in charge here!" in unison. Pikhans and Vargrs in the same room. This is not a good idea. Shaw: "Actually, I'm in charge here." Pikhan: "Yeah, he's a colonel." Vargr: "Well, la-dee-fucking-dah." The latter is a greying Vargr, and when Shaw goes towards him to 'settle' things, a Lyrian lieutenant steps in and basically tells them that if they try to injure each other, he'll have them shot in the leg. Shaw <to the Vargr>: "Okay, you're in charge of the Vargrs, I'm in charge of everyone else." That seems to make everyone happy, at least for the time being.

Elsewhere, at the same time... After a brief pause brought on by the Pikhan bluegrass (what the hell was that?), the gym got quiet again. Since Mikie is just giving monosyllabic answers, and then goes back to hitting the bag, Ghaer decides to just hold the heavy bag for him.

In the dining hall. About an hour later, the door opens, and Shaw sees a woman of a certain age, wearing a stunning dress, shoved into the room by a man who looks like he had been in a phone booth with a couple of bobcats with their tails tied together. The other guard is just limping slightly. It's the famous Lily Duprés. Shaw introduces himself to his former computer chat acquaintance. Lily: “I never realized what a dashing figure you were. I'm sure that you'll find a way to deal with this.” But hey, no pressure.

Shaw goes to speak to the guard about taking some of the Pikhans out to do repair works. They'll check with Colonel Esterhazy after his nap. The guards go on about how the Colonel is a war hero, and all the medals he has. Shaw <indicating Ms. Duprés>: "I'm sure you can understand what I'm going to have to go through for the next couple of hours. "Guard: "Better you than me." The guard limps off.

Lily is quite taken with Col. Shaw, and she's just positive that he will devise a way to get the best of all those uncouth ruffians. Lily: “I'm sure that brilliant mind of yours has already come up with a wonderfully clever plan." Shaw, in order to prevent Lily from making too much of a fuss, gets her talking about herself, and leads her towards the subject of dining with him. The Lyrian enlisted man comes over and reads off the dinner menu. He's much more comfortable doing the waiter thing, and he's very good at it. Shaw orders the perfect wine for dinner. The guards calm down after a while, and are quite friendly and willing to talk about how wonderful their homeland was; at least according to the stories from their mothers, etc.

Back at the gym.... Ghaer: "So what are your plans?" Mikie loses his rhythm a bit on that one. Mikie: "I don't have any plans." An orderly comes into the room, and goes over to Mikie. Orderly: "Mr. Griffin? The Prince would like to inquire as to whether you will be joining him for dinner again this evening?” Mikie: “Sure. Whatever.” Orderly: “Very good sir. Dinner will be in an hour; I hope this isn't too short notice for you, but the Prince has been otherwise occupied. He wishes to convey to you and your friends his happiness at the situation being resolved." Ghaer is a bit surprised by this, so the orderly explains that the group in engineering has surrendered. Which evidently means that Ghaer has been surrendered in abstentia?? Orderly: "Mr. Raller, I've been asked to escort you back to your comrades in their current location." Mikie: "Where are you taking him?" Orderly: "To where the others are sir, in one of the dining rooms.” Mikie <to Ghaer>: “Do you have a problem with that?” Ghaer: “I'm more concerned about how you're doing. I don't have a lot of friends, Mike, I don't like seeing one of the few -" Mikie: "Stop." Ghaer: "Michael, I -" Mikie: "Just drop it." Ghaer: "You know where I'll be." Ghaer decides to leave the conversation for another time, and he goes with the orderly. Ghaer: "I'm sorry Mike. I miss Theresa, she was a good friend." Ghaer leaves with the orderly.

During dinner, Lily leans over so that Shaw can see the knife she has hidden in her ample cleavage. Shaw suggests that Lily keep the knife for herself, although she wants him to have it. She leans forward and takes a deep breath. Shaw is concerned about the knife shooting out onto the table or something, so he takes it from her. It's not actually a knife, it's a very elegant letter opener, but it has a very sharp edge to it. Lily: "From when I played the Lady in the Scottish play. [Note: 'Macbeth']Do you think we'll be safe in here?" Shaw: "For now. They don't seem to be intent on hurting anyone." Lily: "You can never tell with these sorts. It seems so awkward for us to be in such close quarters, and my calling you Col. Shaw. I'm Lily." Shaw: "Carl." Lily: "Carl. Would you care to play some cards?" A deck is acquired without too much difficulty. Lily: "Do you by any chance play poker? It's a humorous little game I learned recently." Shaw senses the presence of a shark, and says “Oh no, my Mom told me never to play Poker, especially with a woman who 'just learned the humorous little game' last week." It's actually a friendly game, since Lily gives Shaw back his money every time she wins it all. At some point Ghaer is brought in.

Esterhazy eventually does show up, and Lily plays the requested (by Shaw) 'One Fine Day', even though she's had to sing it more often than she would really like. Col. Esterhazy is very moved, and compliments here. Lily is not impressed. Shaw asks about seeing him 'dog', Watson. Esterhazy explains that Shaw will not be allowed to 'visit' Watson, as the robot is considered "military equipment." When Shaw protests, Esterhazy offers to "have some of my men disassemble the robot, if you prefer?" Shaw declines. Once Esterhazy leaves, Shaw suggests to Lily that she try being a bit more "pleasant" to the colonel, as a distraction. Lily isn't too thrilled, but once she decides it's part of Shaw's "clever escape plan", she's more than willing.

Mikie, having changed and washed up, is escorted to the main dining hall to have dinner with the Prince and his ‘companions’ (some officers, and a number of the passengers as well). Dinner is excellent, of course, and afterwards, the Prince asks Mikie to “walk with me.”

Mikie is taken up to the Prince's quarters. The Prince is in a talkative mood, and asks if Mikie has “reconsidered joining our cause? It's a just one.” Mikie: “I don't believe in causes any more.” Prince: “Ah, what a lot of pain behind such a simple statement.” The Prince goes on about his cause, and his lineage. Prince: “I have traced my family line to a number of Imperial noble families, including the Arch Duke himself. “ Amazing how no one seems to ever be related to the Arch Duke's janitor. The Prince shows Mikie a sitting room that has it's walls covered with photographs of (evidently) members of the Imperial nobility, including Astridi. One of the photographs is an official portrait of a very familiar looking female - she looks remarkably like the picture Mikie saw of his mother, taken when she was in her late teens. The woman is older though, maybe an aunt or mother? Or grandmother? Mikie looks at the picture beside the one of the woman, trying not to think about the female. The Prince inquires about Mikie's family, where they come from. Mikie: “Qu’ar.” Prince: “Really? That name is vaguely familiar.” Mikie: “The population of the planet was wiped out about a year or so ago.” Prince: “How tragic. Yes, I suppose I might have read about that.” Then the Prince does something vaguely disturbing - he takes down the picture of the female, who he refers to as the “Arch Duchess Caroline”, and gives it to Mikie. Prince: “I'm not sure why, but I feel you should have this. Do you believe in fate? I do.”

Mikie goes back to his stateroom, with the picture, then to the gym for another couple of hours. He returns to his room, exhausted, but doesn't really want to sleep. On the other hand, you can only fight your body for so long, and he sits down on the bed...

In the dining room, Shaw asks for help from the guards to set up a separate sleeping section for Lily, as she is the only female. Some furniture is moved around, and blankets and some of her clothing is brought to her (it's not the right dress for the occasion, but she'll just have to make do for now). Shaw builds Lily a little private section, and promises to be nearby. Lily would probably like him a bit closer than that, but Shaw is trying for the ‘gentleman’ defense.

233 - 1122.

Mikie wakes up early in the morning, having actually slept for a change. He remembers sort of an odd ‘dream’ - a feeling of some one being outside his door, some one who ‘meant well’... Having had far too many people in his mind, Mikie is unhappy about this. He gets on the terminal, and sends the Prince an e-mail: I appreciate the intention, but do not do that again. A while later, Mikie goes to the main dining room to get breakfast. The Prince sees him from across the room and makes a beeline for him. The Prince pulls Mikie into an unexpected hug, and says: “Michael, I am so sorry.” Mikie <disengaging>: “For what?” Prince: “For my intrusion. And for your pain. I had no idea. I can't imagine how you have been able to keep your will to live.” Gosh, what a cheery thought to start the day on!

Shaw, Treal, Ghaer, and all the others survive the night. No one in the 'prisoner' section eats any of his fellow inmates. And a splendid breakfast is brought in. Esterhazy does appear, to check up on them, and Shaw takes the opportunity to request a private meeting. Col. Esterhazy agrees. Once they are alone, Shaw engages him in a conversation about the Prince and his quest to “return the Lyrians to their rightful place.” Esterhazy: "I wouldn't say 'rightful' place. To free our people from their shackles is the purpose of our revolution.” Shaw: "These things take a great deal of funding." Esterhazy: "I have been assured by my Prince that we will soon have all the funding we need.” Shaw: “That may be so, but you can never have too much money. I can help with that.” Esterhazy: “You wish to join us?” Shaw: “No, but I am willing to help you in exchange for my personal safety.” Esterhazy: “That is not necessary. You have the word of my Prince that none of the passengers will be harmed, and you will all be released on Tremous Dex.” Shaw: “I'm sure you mean well, but I don't have your faith in all your people. I want to make certain. You've heard of the Lyrian treasure?” Esterhazy <raising an eyebrow>: “Of course.” Shaw: “I have several possible locations for it - I have the navigational coordinates. I'm willing to trade that information for the guarantee of my personal safety.” Esterhazy: “I see. I will relay your request to my Prince, for his consideration.” Esterhazy leaves and Shaw is returned to the prisoner area.