Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts served seven terms as a pirate in the Spinward Marches before abandoning his life of crime. At the time of his retirement he had a criminal reputation of five and a final rank of "Galactic Enemy", which pretty much means that you will be hung by anyone who catches you. Roberts clearly realized that it was only a matter of time before he was captured by someone, an therefore it was also time for a major life change.

For "services rendered" to the Imperial Navy during the last Frontier War, he was awarded an Imperial pardon. He took up residence on Regina Up Port at that time and has remained there every since then. He does not travel lest he be apprehended by a planetary navy who still wants him, and doesn't recognise the Imperial pardon.

Roberts founded the franchised chain of brothels known as "J.R.'s Place" on the idea that a happy and safe group of employees would produce more satisfied (and repeat) customers. The franchise has 20 branches on A- class starports, including Regina Up, Rhylanor Up and Down, Jenghe, and Shirene. The corporate headquarter are on Rhylanor, where the modular buildings of the standard "J.R's Place" floorplans are actually constructed and shipped out. The company color is real green. Each facility has a doctor on staff. Staff benefits include: free medical, childcare, free board (including immediate family), paid vacation and the opportunity to buy company stock to become an owner/operator. The following discounts are utilitzed at all facilities: 10% active/retired military, 5% former military, 20% senior citizen.

J.R. is a former board member of Groten Mining Co. He is also the owner of a set of artifacts known as the Courtesan Stones: four of the five of these still glow. The weakest one was exhausted by Krag. Persons willing to pay $1 MCR for a single visit with one of the stones may seek Roberts out at the J.R.'s Place on Regina Up. These stones are not advertised anywhere, their existence and location is passed by word of mouth among a very select group of customers or by invitation by Jason himself.

Given Jason's past and his current occupation, there is little that happens on the "streets" of Regina that he doesn't know about (Streetwise 7). The Weselli's probably have his phone tapped to get some of their information; what they don't know is that he knows that they have that line tapped.

He has recently announced that he will run for office in the Regina Senate. See Tattler.


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